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Volume 1: Number 2                 November 26, 1997

FOIL Forum of Indian Leftists

FOIL is a coalition of people working on projects whose main point of agreement is a commitment to social justice, secularism, and equality. Bringing together individuals and groups from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, FOIL is principally embodied in an email listserver. FOIL=s goals are to act as a clearing-house for radical Indian activists: a place to share information, offer support and encourage each other to write in the open media on issues pertaining to Indians overseas and India itself. To this end a number of projects have been launched and are proceeding quite successfully. Interested readers may contact the project coordinators (the email addresses are provided).

Pamphlet Project: The idea behind this was to intervene in the political debates in North America. The first pamphlet was called "Those That Be in Bondage: Child Labor and IMF Strategy in India" and was distributed widely. The second pamphlet called "Sly Baba: Deepak Chopra in the American Imagination" is about D- Pak, Maharishi University of Management, Hinduism and Management, and other assorted interesting stuff. (Contact:

Project on Media Fairness/Media Presence: The unique strength of the Indian left outside India is that a significant number of us make our living through writing - either within the academy or outside it. For a group with such a skill it is indeed surprising that our presence in the diaspora's media arms - newspapers, magazines, tv shows etc. is next to nonexistent. A constant and visible effort in centrist newspapers such as India Abroad, India Tribune, India West etc. is possible with a little planning. (Contact: Amitava Kumar

Project On Web Resource Site: Visit (Contact: Sharmila

Project On Speakers Bureau: Talks are given by FOIL members at various educational institutions. (Contact:

Project On Summer School: Perhaps the most ambitious project got off the ground this summer. Youth Solidarity Summer `97 was an encouraging success. 18 students registered and participated in a wonderfully organized program at Brecht Forum, NYC. Plans are being made for YSS'98. (Contact: Sunaina Maira

Forum Of Progressive Artists: Group started to (a) organize programs/film screenings etc. by progressives (b) produce a database of available films, plays, artists as a resource (c) persuade local Indian organizations (such as Indian Student Associations) to invite progressive performers. (Contact: Raju

Ghadar: This publication. (Contact: Biju

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