Volume 4: Number 1, May 1 2000

Fan Mail

Hum Aapke Hain,
(aur) Kya?

by Vamsee Juluri
Cold Sweat
by Vijay Prashad

Dime a Dance,
Dollar a Day

by Sunaina Maira

Coming to America,
Coming Home

by Sharmila Rudrappa

Chiclete com Masala
by Gautam Premnath

Culture Move: On
Asian Dub Foundation

by John Hutnyk
Free Satpal Ram
Asian Dub Foundation

"I Never Set Out to be
a Cultural Activist":

A Conversation with
Anand Patwardhan

daya and
for Jaimal Singh Padda
by Anand Patwardhan
but Problematic:
An Appreciation
and Critique
of Amartya Sen

by Vamsi Vakulabharanam
and Sripad Motiram
FOIL Notes

Ghadar Home
proXsa Home

FOIL Notes

The Forum of Indian Leftists (FOIL) is now five years old. It was conceived of as "a coalition of people whose main point of agreement (was) a commitment to social justice and activity". FOIL was visualized as "a clearinghouse for radical Indian activists in the United States, Canada and England". We have of course been enriched now by the entry of a number of members from India itself, as well as from other parts of the world. The organization has grown in size, in complexity and in composition, and these new developments make it imperative for us to rethink the organization and its structure. The following then, represents Ghadar's attempts to highlight some of existing FOIL activities, and call for the identification of others.

Email (List-server): Given the geographical dispersion of its members, FOIL was principally embodied in a list-server (foil-l@foil.org). Over time, however, the List-server itself has emerged as one of the projects of FOIL, serving as a space for discussion, information, and the mobilization of support for various petitions and rallies. Raju Rajan (raju@idli.net) coordinates the list-server.

Web: Rahul De, Sharmila Chakravarty and Maya Yajnik coordinate the ProXSA website (www.proxsa.org), a site that has much promise, but many unfinished links. We desperately need volunteers who will generously offer their time, intellectual inputs and offers of assistance to this project. In addition to the above site, we also recommend another site maintained by FOILer Harsh Kapoor (www.mnet.fr/aiindex/).

Other activities: Our other projects are listed at www.proxsa.org/resources/foil/foilpg.html. In particular, we would urge you to assist in a) writing regularly for newspapers catering to the Indian expatriate population in the US (Amitava Kumar, amitava@nervm.nerdc.ufl.edu is point-person) b) trying to invite FOIL speakers to your campuses and communities (Vijay Prashad, vijay.prashad@mail.trincoll.edu will provide speakers) c) writing, performing or commissioning cultural performances such as dance, drama or song (Raju Sivasankaran, rsivasankaran@gte.com coordinates) d) organizing young activists through solidarity training programs (Sunaina Maira, sunainam@aol.com can help) and e) getting more involved in Ghadar as an editor or a contributor(call Raza Mir, rmir@monmouth.edu).

IN ADDITION, IF YOU HAVE ANY OF YOUR OWN PROJECTS THAT YOU WOULD LIKE FOIL MEMBERS TO HELP WITH, OR ANY PROJECTS THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO START UP AS FOIL PROJECTS, PLEASE FEEL FREE. For the moment, a line dropped to rmir@monmouth.edu will suffice to set things in motion. FOIL is first and foremost an activist organization, let us not allow our organizing imperatives to flag. To do so at this juncture would be to admit defeat to the currently resurgent forces of right-wing fascism.

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